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com::trilead::ssh2::transport::TransportManager Class Reference

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class  AsynchronousWorker
class  HandlerEntry

Public Member Functions

void changeRecvCipher (BlockCipher bc, MAC mac)
void changeSendCipher (BlockCipher bc, MAC mac)
void close (Throwable cause, boolean useDisconnectPacket)
void forceKeyExchange (CryptoWishList cwl, DHGexParameters dhgex) throws IOException
ConnectionInfo getConnectionInfo (int kexNumber) throws IOException
int getPacketOverheadEstimate ()
Throwable getReasonClosedCause ()
byte[] getSessionIdentifier ()
void initialize (CryptoWishList cwl, ServerHostKeyVerifier verifier, DHGexParameters dhgex, int connectTimeout, SecureRandom rnd, ProxyData proxyData) throws IOException
void kexFinished () throws IOException
void receiveLoop () throws IOException
void registerMessageHandler (MessageHandler mh, int low, int high)
void removeMessageHandler (MessageHandler mh, int low, int high)
void sendAsynchronousMessage (byte[] msg) throws IOException
void sendKexMessage (byte[] msg) throws IOException
void sendMessage (byte[] msg) throws IOException
void setConnectionMonitors (Vector monitors)
void setSoTimeout (int timeout) throws IOException
void setTcpNoDelay (boolean state) throws IOException
 TransportManager (String host, int port) throws IOException

Package Attributes

boolean connectionClosed = false
Vector connectionMonitors = new Vector()
Object connectionSemaphore = new Object()
boolean flagKexOngoing = false
String hostname
KexManager km
Vector messageHandlers = new Vector()
boolean monitorsWereInformed = false
int port
Throwable reasonClosedCause = null
Thread receiveThread
final Socket sock = new Socket()
TransportConnection tc

Private Member Functions

InetAddress createInetAddress (String host) throws UnknownHostException
void establishConnection (ProxyData proxyData, int connectTimeout) throws IOException
InetAddress parseIPv4Address (String host) throws UnknownHostException

Private Attributes

final Vector asynchronousQueue = new Vector()
Thread asynchronousThread = null

Static Private Attributes

static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(TransportManager.class)

Detailed Description


Christian Plattner, plattner@trilead.com
TransportManager.java,v 1.1 2007/10/15 12:49:56 cplattne Exp

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