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com::trilead::ssh2::transport::KexManager Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

ConnectionInfo getOrWaitForConnectionInfo (int minKexCount) throws IOException
synchronized void handleMessage (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
synchronized void initiateKEX (CryptoWishList cwl, DHGexParameters dhgex) throws IOException
 KexManager (TransportManager tm, ClientServerHello csh, CryptoWishList initialCwl, String hostname, int port, ServerHostKeyVerifier keyVerifier, SecureRandom rnd)

Static Public Member Functions

static final void checkKexAlgorithmList (String[] algos)
static final void checkServerHostkeyAlgorithmsList (String[] algos)
static final String[] getDefaultKexAlgorithmList ()
static final String[] getDefaultServerHostkeyAlgorithmList ()

Package Attributes

final Object accessLock = new Object()
boolean connectionClosed = false
ClientServerHello csh
final String hostname
boolean ignore_next_kex_packet = false
int kexCount = 0
KeyMaterial km
KexState kxs
ConnectionInfo lastConnInfo = null
CryptoWishList nextKEXcryptoWishList
DHGexParameters nextKEXdhgexParameters
final int port
final SecureRandom rnd
byte[] sessionId
final TransportManager tm
ServerHostKeyVerifier verifier

Private Member Functions

boolean compareFirstOfNameList (String[] a, String[] b)
boolean establishKeyMaterial ()
void finishKex () throws IOException
String getFirstMatch (String[] client, String[] server) throws NegotiateException
boolean isGuessOK (KexParameters cpar, KexParameters spar)
NegotiatedParameters mergeKexParameters (KexParameters client, KexParameters server)
boolean verifySignature (byte[] sig, byte[] hostkey) throws IOException

Static Private Attributes

static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(KexManager.class)

Detailed Description


Christian Plattner, plattner@trilead.com
KexManager.java,v 1.1 2007/10/15 12:49:56 cplattne Exp

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