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com::trilead::ssh2::crypto::cipher::BlowFish Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

String getAlgorithmName ()
int getBlockSize ()
void init (boolean encrypting, byte[] key)
void reset ()
final void transformBlock (byte[] in, int inOff, byte[] out, int outOff)

Package Attributes

static final int[] KS0
static final int[] KS1
static final int[] KS2
static final int[] KS3
final int[] S1
final int[] S2
final int[] S3

Private Member Functions

void Bits32ToBytes (int in, byte[] b, int offset)
int BytesTo32bits (byte[] b, int i)
void decryptBlock (byte[] src, int srcIndex, byte[] dst, int dstIndex)
void encryptBlock (byte[] src, int srcIndex, byte[] dst, int dstIndex)
int F (int x)
void processTable (int xl, int xr, int[] table)
void setKey (byte[] key)

Private Attributes

boolean doEncrypt = false
final int[] P
final int[] S0
byte[] workingKey = null

Static Private Attributes

static final int BLOCK_SIZE = 8
static final int[] KP
static final int P_SZ = ROUNDS + 2
static final int ROUNDS = 16
static final int SBOX_SK = 256

Detailed Description

A class that provides Blowfish key encryption operations, such as encoding data and generating keys. All the algorithms herein are from Applied Cryptography and implement a simplified cryptography interface.

See comments in the source file
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