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com::trilead::ssh2::channel::ChannelManager Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ChannelManager (TransportManager tm)
X11ServerData checkX11Cookie (String hexFakeCookie)
void closeAllChannels ()
void closeChannel (Channel c, String reason, boolean force) throws IOException
int getAvailable (Channel c, boolean extended) throws IOException
int getChannelData (Channel c, boolean extended, byte[] target, int off, int len) throws IOException
void handleMessage (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgChannelClose (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgChannelData (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgChannelEOF (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgChannelExtendedData (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgChannelFailure (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgChannelOpen (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgChannelOpenConfirmation (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgChannelOpenFailure (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgChannelRequest (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgChannelSuccess (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgChannelWindowAdjust (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgGlobalFailure () throws IOException
void msgGlobalRequest (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException
void msgGlobalSuccess () throws IOException
Channel openDirectTCPIPChannel (String host_to_connect, int port_to_connect, String originator_IP_address, int originator_port) throws IOException
Channel openSessionChannel () throws IOException
void registerThread (IChannelWorkerThread thr) throws IOException
void registerX11Cookie (String hexFakeCookie, X11ServerData data)
void requestCancelGlobalForward (int bindPort) throws IOException
void requestChannelTrileadPing (Channel c) throws IOException
void requestExecCommand (Channel c, String cmd) throws IOException
int requestGlobalForward (String bindAddress, int bindPort, String targetAddress, int targetPort) throws IOException
void requestGlobalTrileadPing () throws IOException
void requestPTY (Channel c, String term, int term_width_characters, int term_height_characters, int term_width_pixels, int term_height_pixels, byte[] terminal_modes) throws IOException
void requestShell (Channel c) throws IOException
void requestSubSystem (Channel c, String subSystemName) throws IOException
void requestX11 (Channel c, boolean singleConnection, String x11AuthenticationProtocol, String x11AuthenticationCookie, int x11ScreenNumber) throws IOException
void sendData (Channel c, byte[] buffer, int pos, int len) throws IOException
void sendEOF (Channel c) throws IOException
void sendOpenConfirmation (Channel c) throws IOException
void unRegisterX11Cookie (String hexFakeCookie, boolean killChannels)
int waitForCondition (Channel c, long timeout, int condition_mask) throws InterruptedException

Private Member Functions

int addChannel (Channel c)
Channel getChannel (int id)
void removeChannel (int id)
final boolean waitForChannelRequestResult (Channel c) throws IOException
final boolean waitForGlobalRequestResult () throws IOException
void waitUntilChannelOpen (Channel c) throws IOException

Private Attributes

Vector channels = new Vector()
int globalFailedCounter = 0
int globalSuccessCounter = 0
Vector listenerThreads = new Vector()
boolean listenerThreadsAllowed = true
int nextLocalChannel = 100
HashMap remoteForwardings = new HashMap()
boolean shutdown = false
TransportManager tm
HashMap x11_magic_cookies = new HashMap()

Static Private Attributes

static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(ChannelManager.class)

Detailed Description

ChannelManager. Please read the comments in Channel.java.

Besides the crypto part, this is the core of the library.

Christian Plattner, plattner@trilead.com
ChannelManager.java,v 1.2 2008/03/03 07:01:36 cplattne Exp

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