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com::trilead::ssh2::auth::AuthenticationManager Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

boolean authenticateInteractive (String user, String[] submethods, InteractiveCallback cb) throws IOException
boolean authenticateNone (String user) throws IOException
boolean authenticatePassword (String user, String pass) throws IOException
boolean authenticatePublicKey (String user, char[] PEMPrivateKey, String password, SecureRandom rnd) throws IOException
 AuthenticationManager (TransportManager tm)
boolean getPartialSuccess ()
String[] getRemainingMethods (String user) throws IOException
void handleMessage (byte[] msg, int msglen) throws IOException

Package Functions

byte[] deQueue () throws IOException
byte[] getNextMessage () throws IOException
boolean methodPossible (String methName)

Package Attributes

boolean authenticated = false
String banner
boolean connectionClosed = false
boolean initDone = false
boolean isPartialSuccess = false
Vector packets = new Vector()
String[] remainingMethods = new String[0]
TransportManager tm

Private Member Functions

boolean initialize (String user) throws IOException

Detailed Description


Christian Plattner, plattner@trilead.com
AuthenticationManager.java,v 1.1 2007/10/15 12:49:57 cplattne Exp

Definition at line 39 of file AuthenticationManager.java.

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