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void com::trilead::ssh2::Session::startSubSystem ( String  name ) throws IOException [inline]

Start a subsystem on the remote machine. Unless you know what you are doing, you will never need this.

namethe name of the subsystem.

Definition at line 281 of file Session.java.

Referenced by com::trilead::ssh2::SFTPv3Client::SFTPv3Client().

            if (name == null)
                  throw new IllegalArgumentException("name argument may not be null");

            synchronized (this)
                  /* The following is just a nicer error, we would catch it anyway later in the channel code */
                  if (flag_closed)
                        throw new IOException("This session is closed.");

                  if (flag_execution_started)
                        throw new IOException("A remote execution has already started.");

                  flag_execution_started = true;

            cm.requestSubSystem(cn, name);

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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