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void com::trilead::ssh2::SFTPv3Client::write ( SFTPv3FileHandle  handle,
long  fileOffset,
byte[]  src,
int  srcoff,
int  len 
) throws IOException [inline]

Write bytes to a file. If len > 32768, then the write operation will be split into multiple writes.

handlea SFTPv3FileHandle handle.
fileOffsetoffset (in bytes) in the file.
srcthe source byte array.
srcoffoffset in the source byte array.
lenhow many bytes to write.

Definition at line 1310 of file SFTPv3Client.java.

References receiveMessage().

Referenced by writeToFile().


            while (len > 0)
                  int writeRequestLen = len;

                  if (writeRequestLen > 32768)
                        writeRequestLen = 32768;

                  int req_id = generateNextRequestID();

                  TypesWriter tw = new TypesWriter();
                  tw.writeString(handle.fileHandle, 0, handle.fileHandle.length);
                  tw.writeString(src, srcoff, writeRequestLen);

                  if (debug != null)
                        debug.println("Sending SSH_FXP_WRITE...");

                  sendMessage(Packet.SSH_FXP_WRITE, req_id, tw.getBytes());

                  fileOffset += writeRequestLen;

                  srcoff += writeRequestLen;
                  len -= writeRequestLen;

                  byte[] resp = receiveMessage(34000);

                  TypesReader tr = new TypesReader(resp);

                  int t = tr.readByte();

                  int rep_id = tr.readUINT32();
                  if (rep_id != req_id)
                        throw new IOException("The server sent an invalid id field.");

                  if (t != Packet.SSH_FXP_STATUS)
                        throw new IOException("The SFTP server sent an unexpected packet type (" + t + ")");

                  int errorCode = tr.readUINT32();

                  if (errorCode == ErrorCodes.SSH_FX_OK)

                  String errorMessage = tr.readString();

                  throw new SFTPException(errorMessage, errorCode);

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