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void com::trilead::ssh2::SFTPv3Client::createSymlink ( String  src,
String  target 
) throws IOException [inline]

Create a symbolic link on the server. Creates a link "src" that points to "target".

srcSee the comment for the class for more details.
targetSee the comment for the class for more details.

Definition at line 625 of file SFTPv3Client.java.

            int req_id = generateNextRequestID();

            /* Either I am too stupid to understand the SFTP draft
             * or the OpenSSH guys changed the semantics of src and target.

            TypesWriter tw = new TypesWriter();
            tw.writeString(target, charsetName);
            tw.writeString(src, charsetName);

            if (debug != null)
                  debug.println("Sending SSH_FXP_SYMLINK...");

            sendMessage(Packet.SSH_FXP_SYMLINK, req_id, tw.getBytes());


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