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SFTPv3FileHandle com::trilead::ssh2::SFTPv3Client::createFileTruncate ( String  fileName,
SFTPv3FileAttributes  attr 
) throws IOException [inline]

reate a file (truncate it if it already exists) and open it for reading and writing. You can specify the default attributes of the file (the server may or may not respect your wishes).

fileNameSee the comment for the class for more details.
attrmay be null to use server defaults. Probably only the uid, gid and permissions (remember the server may apply a umask) entries of the SFTPv3FileHandle structure make sense. You need only to set those fields where you want to override the server's defaults.
a SFTPv3FileHandle handle

Definition at line 1105 of file SFTPv3Client.java.

            return openFile(fileName, 0x00000018 | 0x00000003, attr); // SSH_FXF_CREAT | SSH_FXF_TRUNC | SSH_FXF_READ | SSH_FXF_WRITE

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