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synchronized void com::trilead::ssh2::Connection::setServerHostKeyAlgorithms ( String[]  algos ) [inline]

Define the set of allowed server host key algorithms to be used for the following key exchange operations.

Unless you know what you are doing, you will never need this.

algosAn array of allowed server host key algorithms. SSH-2 defines ssh-dss and ssh-rsa. The entries of the array must be ordered after preference, i.e., the entry at index 0 is the most preferred one. You must specify at least one entry.

Definition at line 1222 of file Connection.java.

References removeDuplicates().

            if ((algos == null) || (algos.length == 0))
                  throw new IllegalArgumentException();

            algos = removeDuplicates(algos);
            cryptoWishList.serverHostKeyAlgorithms = algos;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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