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synchronized void com::trilead::ssh2::Connection::forceKeyExchange (  ) throws IOException [inline]

Force an asynchronous key re-exchange (the call does not block). The latest values set for MAC, Cipher and DH group exchange parameters will be used. If a key exchange is currently in progress, then this method has the only effect that the so far specified parameters will be used for the next (server driven) key exchange.

Note: This implementation will never start a key exchange (other than the initial one) unless you or the SSH-2 server ask for it.

IOExceptionIn case of any failure behind the scenes.

Definition at line 873 of file Connection.java.

            if (tm == null)
                  throw new IllegalStateException("You need to establish a connection first.");

            tm.forceKeyExchange(cryptoWishList, dhgexpara);

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