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synchronized Session com::trilead::ssh2::Connection::openSession (  ) throws IOException [inline]

Open a new Session on this connection. Works only after one has passed successfully the authentication step. There is no limit on the number of concurrent sessions.

A Session object.

Definition at line 1039 of file Connection.java.

Referenced by exec(), com::trilead::ssh2::SCPClient::get(), com::trilead::ssh2::SCPClient::put(), and com::trilead::ssh2::SFTPv3Client::SFTPv3Client().

            if (tm == null)
                  throw new IllegalStateException("Cannot open session, you need to establish a connection first.");

            if (!authenticated)
                  throw new IllegalStateException("Cannot open session, connection is not authenticated.");

            return new Session(cm, getOrCreateSecureRND());

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